At our Academies we are very lucky to have a very talented team of staff. Your child's learning is designed by people who are fully qualified and passionate about what they do. Every member of the team leads across the academy and because we are a small school based on a family model, we all know each other very well.

Executive Head Teacher:
Mrs Heather Brand
Teaching Staff:
Mrs Maria Adcock Head of School & Senco Mon - Fri
Miss Lottie Campbell Class Teacher - Golden Eagles Mon - Fri
Mr Huw James Class Teacher - Barn Owls Mon - Thurs
Miss Esther Evans Class Teacher - Woodpecker Wed - Fri
Mrs Clare Lambert Student Teacher - Woodpecker Mon - Fri
Miss Emily Harris Class Teacher - Robins Mon - Fri
Mrs Kate Horsley Music Teacher - Available to Years 1- 6 Wed
Teaching Assistants:
Mrs Clare Lambert Student Teacher - Woodpeckers Mon-Thurs
Mrs Anna Woodrow Teaching Assistant - Woodpecker P/T
Mrs Dorcas Franklyn-Bray Teaching Assistant - Barn Owls Mon - Fri
Mrs Claire Bradford Teaching Assistant - Golden Eagles Mon – Fri
Mrs Odelle Watson Teaching Assistant - Robins Mon – Fri
Mrs Kirsty Hadingham Teaching Assistant - Woodpecker Mon – Fri
Mrs Vickie White Reception & Key Stage 1 PE Coach & Teaching Assistant Woodpecker Thurs PM & Fri AM
Support Staff:
Mrs Laura Brown Office Manager Mon - Fri
Miss Emma Byles School Secretary Mon - Wed
Mrs Laura Stone School Secretary Thur-Fri
Mr Keith Pilgrim Caretaker/Cleaner & Midday Supervisor Mon - Fri
Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs Odelle Watson Mon - Tues
Mrs Dorcas Franklyn-Bray Wed & Fri
Lunchtime Staff:
Mis Sarah Eagle Cook Mon – Fri
Mrs Sarah Barrie Kitchen Assistant Mon - Fri
Mrs Kirsty Hadingham Midday Supervisor Mon – Fri
Mrs Melanie Easter Midday Supervisor Mon, Wed, Thurs
Mrs Julie Pilgrim Midday Supervisor Mon - Fri
Mr Keith Pilgrim Midday Supervisor Mon - Fri
Miss Anna-Lisa Harmes Midday Supervisor Mon - Fri