School Uniform

Children are expected to wear clean neat clothing selected from the list below. We think there are many advantages to having a school dress code and ask for your co-operation in this.

All clothing worn to school should be clearly marked with the child’s name to keep our lost property problem to a minimum. Children with long hair should arrange to have it tied back neatly for all lessons.

When the weather is hot children should bring a hat to school and wear it for outside activities and breaks. In cold weather all children need to bring a coat, scarf and gloves to wear in the playground.

Parents can purchase school logo’d items through:

Ditchingham School Clothing List:

Upper Body

  • Shirt or blouse with long or short sleeves in a plain style
  • Colour: Light blue (not white)
  • V-neck jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Colour: Plain navy blue (no logo)

Lower Body


  • Black or grey long or short “school style” trousers


  • Black or grey knee length skirt, pinafore dress or navy school style trousers (not leggings) in a non cling material.
  • Suitable dresses in blue or blue and white (e.g. gingham or stripes) may be worn in warmer weather.



  • Dark colours


  • Navy or white (if tights are worn, socks should be brought to change into for outdoor P.E.)


  • Black flat shoes, not boots, of a design suitable for school. Training shoes should not be worn except for games lessons.

Second hand uniform:

We often have stocks of pre-loved school uniform which can be collected without charge from the school office. Please sent the office a message and they will collate a bundle in your childs size.


For PE children will need a pair of plain shorts, a plain T-shirt in their house colour  (a school logoed t-shirt is available to order) and a pair of plimsolls or trainers. For outdoor games they will also need a change of socks, outdoor sports shoes and a suitable top. P.E. kit should be kept in a named bag.

Swimming lessons are given by the swimming instructor at Bungay Swimming Pool or Waterlane Pool in Lowestoft and children in KS2 (Y3 – Y6) attend during the year. Swimming kit consists of – costume/trunks, towel and swimming hat.

Water Bottles

we encourage children to drink water regularly during the day, so we like them to bring a bottle of drinking water with them.  There is good research to show that this helps children’s concentration and general well-being.

Jewellery, Make-up & Nail Varnish

In order to follow safety regulations, the only jewellery allowed is one pair of smooth, flat ear studs with no rear projection. Pupils may wear watches but the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage and they should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. All jewellery and watches, including earrings must be removed for P.E. and swimming. Make-up, including nail varnish should not be worn.

N.B Children should not wear denim or corduroy to school.